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Overidea Fanwork Guidelines

Thank you for your continued support of Overidea.

As creators, we wholeheartedly support your creative endeavors. To this end, we have established the following guidelines for fanworks related to Overidea. Please enjoy creating Overidea-related works within the framework of these guidelines.

Section A. Original Works and Materials

  1. Images and Video Materials

    Fans are allowed to capture and use images and video materials produced by Overidea and its affiliates for purposes that positively promote our organization. This includes creating highlight clips from our streams or using our imagery in fan-made content, as long as these activities do not generate profit. However, any use of these materials in paid live events, shows, or for other commercial purposes requires prior permission. The use of similar designs for commercial purposes remains prohibited.

  2. Music and Audio Materials
    Fans may perform and stream our music as part of non-commercial fan activities, which help in promoting our work and engaging more audiences. However, using our music in paid live performances or other profit-generating events requires explicit permission from us.


  3. Scenarios and Literary Works
    While direct quotations from our scenarios, novels, and stories are allowed, extensive use beyond quoting typically requires permission. Transformative works should respect the original content’s integrity and ideally contribute positively to its reach and appreciation. Unauthorized translations, alterations, and distributions for commercial purposes are not permitted.

  4. Logos and Designs
    The unauthorized use of designs related to the Organization's logos or branding for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. 

  5. Personal Use of Materials
    Personal use of materials that does not negatively impact the Organization and adheres to common sense is permitted. This includes using images as wallpapers on personal electronic devices or sharing edited images in private communications, provided such use is non-commercial. Unauthorized reproduction or modification of materials for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Section B. Fanworks

  1. Doujinshi, Doujin Goods, and Doujin Games
    Production and distribution should be carried out without violating the guidelines set out in Section A. Furthermore, activities deemed to exceed the scope of "doujin activities" are prohibited.

  2. Rights to Secondary Creations
    The Organization reserves the right to use all secondary creations related to the Organization for commercial purposes or any other purposes without prior notice. The Organization may also, at any time and without explanation, order a cease and desist on related secondary creations.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change without notice.

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